Laura OConnor Fahey - Minister, Best Selling Author, Radio Host, Motivational Speaker
"Soul to Soul"

 The "Soul to Soul" project was created to address the needs of people who are homeless and suffering.  While we may not be able to solve these problems; what we can do is give with an open heart, hold a hand, offer gifts, comfort, and listen in an effort to help ease the suffering.  It only takes "one spark of inspiration" for any one of us to turn our lives around and begin again.  Even if we are suffering with mental illness, it takes only a moment to seek the assistance that can forever alter your life and the lives of those who love you.  This is how we make a difference, one Soul at a time. 


It all started one rainy Spring afternoon when my daughter said to me "We should give your books out to homeless people." In December of 2008, we began our mission of delivering bundles, which consist of blankets and inspirational books to the homeless. These blankets are heavy and made with love; we have our difficult New England winters in mind as we make them.  Because they are large enough to rap around a grown-up body and we double them for extra warmth, they cost $50.00 per blanket to produce.  We rely on the profits from book and CD sales to offset our cost and allow us to buy the materials to make the blankets.  

Thank you for your generosity.