Laura OConnor Fahey - Minister, Best Selling Author, Radio Host, Motivational Speaker

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The Caterpillar's Flight is a journey through childhood sexual, emotional, and physical abuse to a life of forgiveness and joy.  The author reflects upon her past and more than twenty-five years of study in metaphysics, world religion, and philosophy; discussing everything from sexuality to politics with an honest and appealing approach.  Laura sheds light on how often we create obstacles to our happiness and how negative choices are typically based in a lack of forgiveness and self worth.  We tend to create habits of accepting stress and resentment as a part of life, rather than an opportunity to transform and embrace healing.  The author infused this book with humor, insightfulness, and the sensibility she terms, "Spirituality For Real Life (R)."  Powerful meditations and practices are shared which will increase your ability to live life with more enthusiasm, success, happiness, and prosperity.  The future depends on how well we heal the past.  Healed adults raise wise children and this is the path to a more peaceful world.  This book will assist you in gaining deeper clairty about your past, live more deeply in the present, and look to the future with fresh eyes. It is a book you will reach for again and again.

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