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Excerpts From The "Speaking Of" Series By Laura Lester Fournier


From "Speaking of Peace:"
We often have no idea how to live in this moment and forget that it is even possible.  It is so important that we get this, "This moment is all we have."  Tomorrow will probably come, but it may not and for all of us at some point, it will not.  That is the nature of impermanence.  We have this moment, right now.  We need to cultivate a much stronger sense of peacefulness within in order to become more effective and more joyful in our lives.  When we are at peace we sleep better, and when we sleep better, we feel better.  Our lack of energy is in direct relation to the absence of restful contemplation in our lives.  Cultivating peaceful habits and an awareness of how to transform stress into calm, has the potential to create an environment of vitality and happiness within us.  When we are happy, those around us are happier.  Everyone would benefit from our company if we were to develop a deeper sense of self peace.



From "Speaking of Forgiveness:"
This topic of "forgiveness" is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a sincere commitment to explore this subject matter and give it our earnest attention.  Dedicating ourselves to moving more deeply into the energy of forgiveness provides us with the perfect opportunity to grow, transform, and become more flexible.  Be courageous in your desire to become more forgiving.  There are many people who live entire lifetimes without thinking about this.  You are amazing, you are.  You are courageous to be reading this material right now and making a personal commitment to take your practice of forgiveness to the next level.  We can develop the habit of simply being unforgiving.  We can convince ourselves that we have a right to our anger, that we are justified and entitled to our rage.  We often forget that we are mirror images of one another.  Looking at you with the eyes of judgment and disdain, bring those emotions right back to me.  Deep inside we know that we are reflections of one another.  We are connected.  When we leave damaging habits unattended for long enough, they become as much a part of us as an arm or a leg.  Many of us don't take the time to assess how often we offer others anger and resentment, instead of joy and compassion.  



From "Speaking of True Love, Timeless and Unconditional:"
How can we experience love more deeply in our lives?  What walls, barriers, boundaries, and fears can we let fall down, in order to allow ourselves to be naked in the presence of love?  Like the sun, love is a powerful and illuminating presence.  Love warms, soothes, inspires, and makes us better human beings.  Like a sunrise, it reminds us of miracles.  When we have the true experience of love, it affirms that miracles do exist.  Love whispers to us of what is possible when we make our hearts available without restriction.  Love is a mystical and magical force.  It unites us.  Everyone, everywhere, resonates with love.  Love is birth; it gives life to everything good and beautiful in the world.  There are many kinds of love.  There is one particular expression that must be reflected upon before any other version can truly be held.  This is the art of loving ourselves.  We must learn to love ourselves more genuinely.  Once we know how to love ourselves, our possibilities deepen.  When we develop a greater understanding of our relationship to love, then we can better understand each other.  The first step toward loving another well is learning how to love ourselves.     


From "Speaking of Grace:" 
 Think of your connection to Divinity as if you are a plug and the Divine - the socket.  When you disconnect, you're on your own.  Motoring on your own power right up until the moment your battery dies.  We do this all the time; we try to "motor" on our own and think we can actually survive happily this way.  We disconnect, we suffer, then we crawl out of the hole we dug and head home, to God.  It's time to end this cyle.  It is time to stop seeking the answers to our suffering outside ourselves.  The solution to what will fill us with belonging is inside our connection to Grace.  Grace is the essence of God Energy. 

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