Laura OConnor Fahey - Minister, Best Selling Author, Radio Host, Motivational Speaker
Spiritual Ceremonies by Laura OConnor Fahey

Laura has been facilitating weddings for more than twenty years and is very capable of skillfully handling a myriad of situations and venues.  She guarantees a happily married couple and is confident that your ceremony will beautifully reflect your love and devotion for one another.  Laura specializes in customizing ceremonies to reflect your faith and often blends two faiths together, thereby creating a very unique reflection of your love.
Wedding Fee is $300.00 within a 40 mile radius of my home.  (otherwise additional travel fees apply) This fee provides you with a planning meeting, rehearsal, customized written ceremony, ceremony, and of course mailing the wedding license for filing.  

Laura has christened many sweet babies and is available to customize your blessing to reflect your faith and love for your precious little one.
Fee $100.00 (within a 40 mile radius of my home - otherwise additional travel expenses apply) This fee provides you with a planning meeting, customized written ceremony, and the ceremony.

Laura has been providing families with memorial services for more than two decades.  Through listening, compassion, and understanding, she will create a memorial that will beautifully reflect your beloved and the unique difference they made during their lifetime on earth.
Fee $150.00 (within a 40 mile radius of my home - otherwise additional travel fees apply) This includes a planning meeting, a customized written memorial, and of course the memorial itself.   

Contact Laura By Calling: (207) 357-8888 Or By Sending An E-Mail To: - To Discuss Your Needs Today. 

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