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"Speaking of Peace:"

I truly cannot express the abundance of peace these words have brought to me.  Laura has effectively and repeatedly provided an absolute grounding to my work, personal and overall outlook on life.  From the great Green Bean Snapping story to the analogy of finding solace in a simple snowfall - she has a beautiful gift for allowing those who 'listen' the oppotunity to stop and reflect." 
Susan Smiley, Massachusettes


of Forgiveness:"

"A truly inspiring and powerful work devoted to teaching others the practical application of healing the soul through the power of forgiveness.  A painful look at the author's past, and her journey to emotional and spiritual freedom through the practice of true forgiveness.  A must "listen" for everyone.........a 'how to' lesson in rebuilding relationships and letting go of a painful past."
Dr. John Barrick

"There are powerful ideas to absorb, practice and live by in Speaking of Forgiveness which will place you well on your way to joy and contentment.  The idea of healing the planet, one person at a time is so right-on."
Beth Lacombe Shafer, Current Events Co.

"Something wonderful just happened." Laura Lester Fournier's timeless book Speaking of Forgiveness inspires us to access our courage and strength in finding true peace and happiness through the practice of forgiveness."
 Lucy Alexander Black, Usui Reiki Master, Healer & Teacher


"Speaking of True Love, Timeless and Unconditional:"

"When you choose to live by Laura's simple, enlightening words, you will experience more love, compassion and joy.  Teach yourself and your children well by embracing the message in this profound and loving CD."
Gail Harris, Author of Your Heart Knows the Answer: How to Trust Yourself and Make the Choices That Are Right For You

"Speaking of True Love, Timeless and Unconditional touched my heart by allowing it to open more widely to unconditional love.  Laura, your passion for making a difference in the world is an inspiring example for us all, your CD has enriched my life more than you will ever know."
Joanie Winberg, The Happy Wednesday Lady

"Your words are so carefully chosen.  It is as if you have created a manual that teaches the listener a true definition of unconditional love.  Love is ever-present and abundant.  If all my clients were to listen to this CD my work would be so much easier."
Kaz Randall, Certified Empowerment Coach

"Listen to your heart and let your heart listen to you."
Abby-Rose Lester Fournier (Age 11)


"Speaking of Grace:"  "Speaking of Grace found me as I enter a life transition.  Laura Lester Fournier's words guide me to live more fully by using grace as my guideposts.  I feel myself releasing that which does not serve me and moving towards truth, joy and the glory that grace holds." 
Lucy Alexander Black, Usui Reiki Master, Teacher & Healer

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