Laura OConnor Fahey - Minister, Best Selling Author, Radio Host, Motivational Speaker
Laura OConnor Fahey - Best Selling Author, Minister, Radio Host, Motivational Speaker


Laura O’Connor Fahey (formerly Laura Lester Fournier) is a best selling author, minister, motivational speaker, and radio host.  She is the internationally known author of a series of spoken word CD's on cultivating the energies of peace, forgiveness, true love, and grace.  Laura's fifth book "The Caterpillar's Flight - A Story Of Transformation - Spirituality For Real Life" focuses on transforming our lives through the practice of stress reduction and forgiveness.  Her books, CD's, and message are making their way around the world and spreading a transformational tone critical in today's busy world.  Laura offers Day Retreats in the River Valley Region of Maine which are designed to meet each person's personal goals and aspirations.  Laura has written articles for a number of publications as well as having been a guest on numerous talk radio shows. Until recently she hosted her own radio show aptly titled  "Spiritually Speaking with Laura Lester Fournier" on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network at 1510AM Revolution Boston; Laura is taking a hiadus from her show at this time.  Having been married for nearly thirty years, she now finds herself divorced and more deeply examining the process of forgiveness and healing at this all too common crossroad of life.  Laura brings her unique voice to the challenges of moving forward while still honoring the past. As an ordained minister, she has been performing spiritual ceremonies for more than twenty five years.  Laura speaks on a number of matters including international human rights issues, sexual abuse, teen suicide, homelessness, depression, and healing the past through the cultivation of daily spiritual application.  Calling upon her personal experience and more than thirty-five years of study in metaphysics, world religion, and spirituality; she brings a fresh Christian perspective to the practice of modern day Spirituality......which she refers to as "Spirituality For Real Life (R)." Laura believes extensively that spiritual beliefs cannot, and should not, be separate from your deeds.  Laura and her daughter founded the "Soul to Soul" project which focuses on supplying those who are homeless with blankets and inspirational books.  Laura lives in Maine on a small farm with many happy animals and believes that each person possesses truly unique and wonderful gifts.....”It is the sharing of those 'gifts' which make a profound and lasting difference for the future."  Laura's books and CD's are available through her web-site, in addition to Barnes& and  Laura can be contacted by e-mail at:  Phone:  (207) 357-8888.